International School Award

This award is managed by the British Council


It is a supportive and motivational framework that guides schools through their international work by introducing international dimensions in teaching and learning. International work gives schools the opportunity to develop, improve and learn from new colleagues around the world. It exposes educators to new practises and perspectives, their professional development and as such raising teaching standards. While for young people it provides a window into different cultures and countries, preparing them for life in a global society. As part of the criteria for the award, the school carried out seven different projects involving students, partner schools [local & international] and Non-governmental organization. Each of the projects was geared towards making a positive impact on the following Global Citizenship themes: Interdependence, Identity and belonging, Human rights, fairness, conflict and peace and sustainable living.

The project topics are as follows:
1. The Journey of the River Niger from Source to The Ocean
2. Architectural Design Using Rubik Cube
3. World of Cultures: Focusing On the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Republic of Togo.
4. Digital Divide
5. Art beyond Beauty
6. Drug Abuse and How It Affects the Organs Of The Body
7. Languages Breaking the Boundaries