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Giving Back and Building Skills with the Duke of Edinburgh Program!

At Charles Dale Memorial International School (CDMIS), we’re committed to nurturing not just academic excellence, but also well-rounded, socially responsible leaders. That’s why we’re incredibly proud of our recent Duke of Edinburgh participants!

These inspiring students embarked on an impactful community service project, sharing the valuable skills they honed through the program with students of Igwuruta Community Secondary School (ICSS).

The Skills Include:

  • Cosmetology: Our CDMIS participants taught ICSS students the art of bar soap production, fostering practical skills and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Hair & Makeup: From braiding techniques to makeup artistry, our students shared their creative talents, boosting their confidence and self-expression.
  • Coding & Programming: Our aspiring tech leaders illuminated the world of coding and programming, sparking a passion for innovation in the ICSS students.
  • Event Planning: The team also shared their event management expertise, empowering their fellow students to be able organize successful and engaging activities.

This initiative exemplifies the true spirit of the Duke of Edinburgh program offered at CDMIS. It’s about going beyond textbooks, developing valuable life skills, and becoming responsible citizens who give back to their communities.

Benefits of the Duke of Edinburgh Program at CDMIS:

It enables our students to:

  • Develop practical skills in various fields.
  • Cultivate leadership qualities and teamwork.
  • Foster a sense of social responsibility and community service.
  • Gain valuable experience for college applications and future careers.
  • Become a transformative global leader who makes a positive difference.

Hence, by participating in this program, CDMIS students are not just preparing for their future – they’re actively shaping the future of their communities.

Are you looking for a school that goes beyond academics and fosters global citizens who care? Look no further than Charles Dale Memorial International School.

Contact us today to learn more about our unique programs and how your child can become a transformative leader!

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