Charles Dale Memorial International School


School Policies


School Policies

Charles Dale Memorial International School is resolute on zero tolerance on all forms of indiscipline. We hold it as a policy that disciplinary measures are corrective and reformative and should serve as tools for self-realization and improvement. It is our desire that parents, students and all stakeholders comply with the prescribed rules and regulations as we shall not fail to apply appropriate disciplinary measures to all erring students and to ensure that such and other students act in conformity with the norms of the school. The following penalties shall apply to any student found guilty of an act as shall be established by the disciplinary committee of the school.

Student Responsibility

Charles Dale Memorial International School expects a high level of conduct from its students. It is the responsibility of the student to attend classes regularly, to show conscientious effort in classroom work, and to conform to school rules and regulations. Most of all, the student shares with the administration and staff the responsibility to develop a climate within the school that is conducive to effective learning. No student has the right to interfere with the education of fellow students in a manner that will mar the extent of learning by the other student.

1. Respect and protect the rights of teachers, students, administrators, and everyone else involved in the educational process.

2. Practice academic honesty.

3. Express ideas and opinions in a respectful manner which does not offend or slander others.

4. Be aware of all rules and regulations for student behavior and abide by them.

5. Be willing to assist in investigations of disciplinary offences.

6. Dress and groom so as to meet the standards established by the School Dress and Grooming Guidelines.

7. Assist the school staff in running a safe school for all staff and students

8. Assume that until a rule is waived or altered it is in full effect.

9. Be aware of state and local laws and comply with them.

10. Protect and take care of school property.

11. Be punctual to all classes and other school functions.

12. Make up work when absent or suspended from school following established guidelines

13. Pursue and attempt to complete satisfactorily the courses of study prescribed in the curriculum for each school subject.

14. Report accurately and do not use indecent or obscene language in student newspapers or publications.

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